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I've been tagged by @ashleyemmert To do this challenge. Honestly I love being tagged in challenges bc it gives me something to do. This is gunna get crazy? I think?

1) describes my how I die

2) will describe my love life.

3) what will be played at my wedding.

4) add in my pants at the end

no makeup in my pants

5) will play with my funeral.

6) with a shovel and a screwdriver at the end

I saw her standing there with a shovel and a screwdriver.

7) the song that makes my week

I guess?? This song I a lil sad but it's okay.

8) theme song

This song makes me strong.

9) the song that will play when I think a a loved one.

They make me alive.

10) the song that will play when I miss someone.

Oh ye that's cool.
@AbbyRamey lmao ikr
I did this a few days ago. Gonna go tag you in mine. :)
I thought it was funny that an Outro song will be played at your funeral πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
1. Baby Good Night-GD and Top 2. Drop That-Exo 3. Oh My Gosh-Eco 4. Rush-Monsta X 5. The Way You Look Tonight -Frank Sintra 6. XOXO-Exo 7. I Will Show You- Aimee 8. In For The Kill-La Roux 9. Can't Touch This- MC Hammer 10. Excited-Luhan