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He had me in tears after the first verse. I couldn't even help it....

His voice....it's angelic.

@MattK95 Give this a listen.
Dang...he's so amazing!
@MattK95 OMG THATS SO CUTE!! The instrumental is moving on its own....it makes you WANT to sing along and seriously, when you sing along you feel like your tearing away from all the worldly woes that are weighing you down. Believe me, homie...I feel you lol. But this kiiiiiidddd.... I was sobbing by the end (β•₯_β•₯) IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!
The moment the Pocahontas music started I knew I was going to cry...That song has forever been one of my favorites, I used to climb the tree in my back yard and sing it as loud as I could XD but enough about me, this kids voice was incredible, I absolutely loved it and yes I cried buckets!!! Thank you for sharing this amazingness @PassTheSuga I am completely blown away by how brilliant it was ^^
λŒ€λ°•μ΄λ‹€!! That's amazing!!
@lopleaf19 He sang Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas.
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