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Jo Jeong Seok is known for his skills in musical and theater. He’s put together a fairly decent reputation, and he even had fans before his major debut; in other words, he’s not a rookie that came out of nowhere. To the general public, however, Jo Jeong Seok used to be an unknown. They never knew about him because he had never appeared in TV dramas or film. Everything changed in 2012. Jo Jeong Seok became known for his Nap Tteuki role in the film Architecture 101, a romance film that garnered an unprecedented success for its genre, and sealed the deal with his role in the drama The King 2Hearts. Now, he’s a real actor that can pick out roles and offers being pitched at him endlessly. After the end of The King 2Hearts, he received close to 20 offers for his next piece. His life has certainly changed for the better. “These days I’m really screaming in delight. I just finished The King 2Hearts a while ago, and I’m thankful that I’m receiving so much love and attention. I really want to say I’m very thankful.” He couldn’t seem to stop himself from thanking everyone again and again. It seemed like yesterday he just barely got chances to audition for projects, but with one film and one drama his entire life was turned around. Jo Jeong Seok can’t be mistaken, however, for a flash in the pan. He’s a prepared actor that continued to act in places outside of the public eye. The power of his Nap Tteuki role came from his acting skills polished during his time underground. “Actually, actors feel pleasure in acting when people are there watching. In that sense, Architecture 101 and The King 2Hearts helped my name become more known in acting. That’s why I love it. When you’re onstage, you would prefer 10 people over three in your audience, and 100 over 10. Thanks to those two pieces, I was able to feel even more joy onstage.” Of course, he isn’t affected much by the number of people watching him. The Jo Jeong Seok that starred in the musical Hedwig last year knew how to be thankful of every reaction from the audience and enjoyed being onstage. Because he had started from the bottom up, he thought it was a great stroke of luck that he had even gotten offers for anything. Jo Jeong Seok added honestly that he’s “afraid of the new life that has come.” “I am happy thanks to moments like this and the reactions of the people around me, but I’m also worried and scared. It’s the first time I’ve received so much interest. I’ve continued to act in stage pieces, but I’m also pressured that I’m receiving so much attention from the public that I wield great power over them. I should say I’m literally screaming with delight.” It means that the actor is happy and in delight, but he’s also very frightened at the same time. There’s no need, however, to be so fussy or scared about anything. He can simply get through his todays and tomorrows the way he did yesterday. “For me, acting is like a really fun plaything, a thing I don’t want to let go of because it’s so fun. This is why I’ll continue to work hard in my acting in my own ways, like I always did.” src: enewsworld
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yea can't wait to see him in a new drama soon!
im real happy for him!!!! <3 wish him all the best with his career and i cant wait for his upcoming projects! ^^
miss u shi kyung!
He's cool and a good actor too.
Good job!!! You are really good! They shouldn't kill your character in K2H
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