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Let us be your proud parent hanging stuff on the fridge!

Let's just take a second to celebrate the fact that Marvel is full of some seriously awesome people with cool stuff going on and amazing things to share.

Yeah. We're awesome.

So let's talk about the stuff we're really good at! You know how people always say you shouldn't brag? Well, I don't see any of those people here. BRAG YOUR HEART OUT!

Shake your burrito*. Go for it.

*Shake your burrito = toot your own horn.

Let's talk about the stuff we're good at! It'll make us feel even more awesome. What's your area of expertise? Are you the person people always come to with computer problems or questions about obscure dramaturgical history? Shake your burrito!

I'm the person everyone feels they can talk to and I seem to give good advice ava I make ppl feel more confident and more comfortable with themselves and help others!!!
I'm great at being humble. Probably top 3 in the National. I will take the Pepsi challenge with any one who thinks they can out humble my legendary humility.
I am proud of conquering the sewing machine
i am proud of my booty my math skills and my art skills
I am good at a great many things. I am very hilarious, I am well above average at triangle chokes, I am good at word pronunciation, I am a phenomenal tell-it-as-it-is, I am above the cut at word knowledge and I rock the house at sarcasm (nationally ranked in fact, a solid number 3).
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