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Shake your burrito! What are you an expert at?

Let us be your proud parent hanging stuff on the fridge!

Let's just take a second to celebrate the fact that Marvel is full of some seriously awesome people with cool stuff going on and amazing things to share.

Yeah. We're awesome.

So let's talk about the stuff we're really good at! You know how people always say you shouldn't brag? Well, I don't see any of those people here. BRAG YOUR HEART OUT!

Shake your burrito*. Go for it.

*Shake your burrito = toot your own horn.

Let's talk about the stuff we're good at! It'll make us feel even more awesome. What's your area of expertise? Are you the person people always come to with computer problems or questions about obscure dramaturgical history? Shake your burrito!

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I am really good with animals, I can paint almost anything and I can do peoples makeup really well.
2 years ago·Reply
I am an excelled caregiver, speak 4 languages fluently, have been called most reliable friend, and I'm the best when it comes to skills in random things~
2 years ago·Reply
@serbshavemofun which languages? I still only have one XD
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 Serbian, German, English, Spanish and in trying to pick up an Asian language (Korean is easiest), I discovered KPop lol I hope you have a chance to learn some too! My family moved around due to war so I picked mine up easily through immersion. It's hard to learn it with will alone though!
2 years ago·Reply
I'm awesome at welding and playing games lol
a year ago·Reply