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I just got over a break up and my friends wanted to take me out to the club to feel get me out of my funk. I really wasn't up for it but they bribed me with free drinks so I accepted
We get to the club and I'll admit it was nice to be out and about. The energy from the club was hot and watching people get crazy was fun. My BFF and I walk to the bar the rest of my friends are on the dance floor, I'm about to order a drink when the bar tender offers me one immediately. I look at him confused and he points down the bar. I look to my left and see a beautiful pair of cat like eyes looking at me. The man smiles at me and I smile back. "Do you know that guy?" My friend asks me. I shake my head no and down the drink in one shot.
I talked to my friend for a little bit and when we were about to leave the bar and go to the dance floor a young man came up and started flirting with me. My friend just headed to the dance floor leaving me alone with him. He was easy on the eyes at first I thought he was s girl but quickly found that was not the case. Although as cute as he was he really wasn't my type and he was annoying me. I looked around a few times to see if I could find the cat eyes. I looked in the direction where he was last time to see he had left already I was sad. I turned back to the guy named Taemin who was flirting with me about to let him down easy when I felt someone put their arm around my shoulders. It was Mr. Cat eyes
Taemin left after that. I turned around to Mr. Cat eyes. "Thanks a lot for that, he was getting on my nerves." Key laughs. "No problem, by the way my name is Key what's yours?" I find myself staring at his eyes and mouth he has such beautiful eyes and lips. I completely forget to introduce myself. Key takes my hand and heads to the dance floor.
Thankfully a slow song just came on and I was dancing with Key well he was doing most of the dancing I can't dance well and he started to teach me some moves. It was fun and I enjoyed myself. But then I was whisked away by a tall and dark handsome man who took me around the floor. I started to get dizzy and almost fell when Key caught me by the hand and took me to a VIP room
After entering the VIP room, Key gave me a drink of water. "You okay?" He asks me. I just look at him nodding my head and smile. "Do you know how beautiful your eyes are?" I tell him. Key laughs at me and nods his head. I walk towards the couch more like stumbling to the couch. I forgot I'm a light weight with drinking after not drinking for a year. I also can't count how many shots my friend and I took and that messes me up super quick. Key helps me to the couch and he sits me down and then sits next to me. I lean my head back to lay on the couch and take a deep breath and then it happened Key kissed me! Key had the softest sweetest lips and his kiss was warm he cupped my face with his hands. As my eyes quickly went from wide with shock to closing slowly melting into Key's touch and kiss.
We're kissing and making out in the VIP room for a while and I almost didn't hear my phone go off because I was so in the moment. I grab my phone quickly to see who it is and it's my BFF calling. I pull away from Key and answer the phone. "Hey where are you? We're ready to leave wanna get some food?" They ask. I'm looking at Key I didn't want to leave him. "Hold on." I reply and looking at Key sitting with his back to the couch arm on the back leg crossed over. "Would you like to come eat with my friends and I?" I ask. Key just smiles. "I would rather just take you home and start where we left off with the kissing." Key replies. My heart skips a beat and my breath catches. My body feels like it's on fire. I place my phone back to my ear. "I'm good I'll call you tomorrow okay?" I let my friend know I was gonna take a cab home and we left it at that. "Come on." Key says as he takes my hand and we leave the club and are headed to my place.
Thanks @StrfaniTre for this SHINee game, I can't believe I got to go home with my bias!!!! @Aimeelt @VixenViVi @sherrysahar @AlexErica @JahlaB @CrystalBlunt @JohnEvans @PrincessUnicorn