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Everybody knows that I love these 7 dorks they are my 2nd favorite Boy Group after the kings Bigbang.. I'm always finding new reasons to love them.
They make my day whenever I see or hear their music.. Hip hop is my first love and they do hip hop and kpop so well its hard jot. To love them..
I live their dance practice videos so I chose a couple of my fav to share with yall.
They synchronization is always crazy.. And sometimes the dance practice is the best show of their songs and I'm glad they share them with the ARMY.
So me to you even if you already seen them watch them again they never get old.
I like th pic of them all wearing suits. there's so much going on its hilarious. first lost looking rapmon is trying to squeeze through to be in the line, bumps with jhope. jhope brushes it off by waving to his fans. suga has too much swag that he bumps him to make room for rapmon. Jin, V, and Jungkook are talking and walking like models, until Jin gets pushed. it looks like he about to flare at suga like wtf. lol jimin is just walking and waving, completely oblivious to everything