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I've seen this going around and figured I would give a try.
1. This song that describes how you will die. I will die with No More Dreams
2. Song that describes my love life. I don't have a love life unless you count KPOP part of my love life. If so then I Am the Best.
3. This song will be played at your wedding Call You Babe is a perfect song to play at my wedding
4. Add "in my pants" at the end of this song. Attention in my pants. ok so to me that yea no comment. lol
5. This song will be played at your funeral. " I'll be ridin' and I'll be dyin' in Ma City."
6. Add "With a shovel and screwdriver" to this song. With a shovel and a screwdriver I'll be in the Shadow.
7. This song describes your week My week has been Up and Down. plus I can't get the image of JHOPE and Jimin dancing to this song.
8. Your theme song. yup at work I'm always asking "What's your name again?"
9. Song you listen to when you think of some you love. Yup I think the person I love is Dead Leaves.
10. Song when you miss someone. I miss them at 12시30분 in the morning.