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Ailee my queen!
The first time I heard Ailee sing it was as if my soul was cleansed, the sun was shining, and and life would be okay. Ik that is exaggerating but her voice everytime she sings moves me.
This is pre-debut Ailee singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus and every time I hear it I still get chills. This was before she was even a trainee and her voice has been improving ever since.
This is Ailees debut song Heaven and it fits perfectly to her voice. Its slow and soulful and I think it really captivates the capabilities of her voice.
Ailees newest song Mind Your Own Business from her full length album is one of my top favorite songs by her because she gets to be a tough girl while still showcasing her wonderful voice.
Also one of her newer songs Insane is my top favorite just because its such a beautiful song. Her voice carries so much emotion its insane....get it.
Plus she is such a cute goofball its impossible not to like her!
@AbbyRamey Omg Yes!!! I was gonna put it in here but didnt want to overwhelm anyone. 馃槈
yes!! I love Ailee! 馃挏
She is just stunning!
she was my favorite ever since i saw her with wheesung 馃挄
The first time I heard her sing, she was on a rollercoaster on Running Man and instantly fell in love!!! Her vocals are ridiculous!!!
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