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Hello everyone of the Supernatural family here on Vingle!! It is I, the lovely @Krystalstar22! If you are also in the the Marvel and Fanfiction Communties, you know that I love to write, and have already written fan fiction for marvel.
It is for this reason, lovely people of the Supernatual family, I ask fo your help. I want to write a fanfiction of the boys and Cas meeting my Original character, but I can't write the boys! That's where you come in!!! I was hoping that some of you lovely people might want to collaborate in writing a supernatural fanfiction. I claim Cas, but the rest of the cast is fair game! Message me directly, or reply here if interested!! @shannonI5 @LAVONYORK, do me a favor and tag people? It would be very helpfull! *hugs*
So you need people for like Dean & Sam or you want other characters too?
@AimeBolanos Any characters really, but especially Sam and Dean. I don't feel like I can write them well.
oooh I'm excited to see what you do!