So @JohnEvans decided to be devious and bring back the survival style game, which makes everyone cry. I didn't participate in the Zombie one that happened a while ago, but I saw the wreckage all around Vingle.
I have to say, it did not look at all fun. BUT. My friends and I are all putting in our UB's (goodness mine is so questionable as his role but I swear he better make it off this island alive geezus) and I succumbed to peer pressure and here we are.
To see the original card posted with rules and such click *here*
The premise:
*Your plane has crashed on an island. Some idols were on the plane with you and you have all decide to band together to form a survival team until help comes. What problems will you face on Survival Island? Will you survive?*
Now who is my crew?
The Muscle
Taecyeon from 2PM
It is no secret the boys of 2PM work out, and Taec is no exception. Yes he is older, but that doesn't mean his body is not in A+ shape still. Plus, he is a very hard worker and is a smart man with muscle, not just muscle.
The Brains
Hyunseung from Beast
Hyunseungie is a quiet smarts, and he is very calculating. He comes off a bit spacey and not present, but I believe that is all part of the ruse and he notices it all. He has good instincts and is an extremely hard worker. His street smarts will help us all make it off alive. *please*
The Scaredy Cat
Eunkwang from BtoB
See that picture above? Yeah the giant mass of blankets cuddled up is Eunkwang. They are watching a horror movie and he kept hiding and freaking out when the other boys would scare him for fun. That is the kind of man I need on a scary remote island.
The Secret Weapon
Ricky from Teen Top!
Although he is small, Ricky has so much going for him. He is a great dancer so he has the cardio (plus teen top dances require great cardio), he IS quite small so he can fit into small spaces and/or be very stealth, and he is a great team player and cares about others. Definitely the hero that this island didn't know it needed.
The Protector/Mother
Soyou from Sistar!
Soyou proves again and again her cunning abilities to manipulate situations in her favor and she works hard for what she gets. Now see those abilities when she is madly in love with me *no judgies*. She looks out for the ones she loves, so she would use her keen manipulation skills and her cunning to keep me safe.
Also, I still think the protector needs to be strong, and Soyou works hella hard for her body (hopefully healthily and safe now bby) so she can also protect me physically as well along side my muscle.
The Co-Captain
ChoA from AOA!
ChoA is like the lowkey rock of AoA, like I always mistake her for the leader because the other girls look to her during interviews and variety, she is very stable, and she is not afraid to do what needs to be done for survival. Now those strong traits might seem clashy as a co-leader. But I beg to differ. I bet she already acts as co-leader to Jimin on the dl with AoA, plus she is extremely friendly and works well with others. She is the perfect choice to co-captain with me!
Alright... I am so scared I am going to lose someone right off the bat. And if it is Soyou we will probably be lost forever because she is the real MVP.
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@JohnEvans so ominous sounding.
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@AimeeH goodness well if we are relying on Hyunseung for anything we are dead. It's not like I didn't want to add him cause I wanted to spare his life, I didn't want to add him cause I wanted to spare mine!
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