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Walp I wasn't challenged directly but hey it seemed fun! Originally created my @danidee :) HERE WE GO!
1. I like to randomly start rolling on the floor The carpet isn't even that soft but something about it is just...so inviting It's usually accompanied by me yelling out curse words in German cuz I can
2. I hold my pee in...a lot If I'm busy on my laptop, maybe editing amvs, I have to get one specofic part perfect. Meanwhile, my bladder is screaming at me. I can't just leave my beautiful creation unattended! Everything has to be perfect before I finally get up to do my bidness. Also, another thing associated with my bladder is that it doesn't tell me when I have to casually pee. No. It WAITS until I'm about to BURST before screaming "HEY!! BY THE WAY, YOU HAVE TO PEE!!!" It pisses me off sometimes (¯―¯٥)
3. I randomly start dancing Even if it's in the middle of Japanese class, I will dance. It could be a little shake of the shoulders. It could be a full-on break dance! I just love to dance in a goofy way cuz, let's face it, I can't dance.
4. I never saw Grease until 4 years ago when I was 15 But only cuz I wasn't allowed to watch Grease when I was younger while everyone else had already seen it My mom thought it was "inappropriate" for my age =.= Thanks mom...
5. I'm like this^ a lot I do a lot of weird ass shit XD just like Mr. Shane Dawson up there I could be sitting around doing nothing (like usual) and I'll just start freaking out for no reason or I'll say or do the weirdest things I can't describe it but yeah I'm weird af
So that's it! I hope someone learned something interesting XD Also, enjoy this accurate gif of Trumptale Bai.
@kawaiiporpoise Omg, it's funny in kids movies, but in Grease, it was like O.O
@danidee that is so true omg I love to watch kids movies just to find those hidden innuendos XD
BAHAHAHA YESSS!!! I love this. I'm a random dancer too. I can't help it. I naturally have a lot of energy, so sometimes I just need to shake it all out. Also, dude, my mom didn't want me to see Grease the first time I saw it either. It really ISN'T for little kids. But at the same time, I feel like a lot of the 'adult' parts of it go over kids' heads.