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Disclaimer: this card was inspired by the original letter [here].
I can only imagine who you might be and as much as I hate surprises, I'm anticipating the arrival of this one. It's been awhile. Forgive me if I'm too forward or not forward at all, but I fall easily. It's been five years since my last relationship, my only relationship and I've learned the true meaning of love -- self love that is.
Not sure if I truly knew what love was prior. I admire men and I'm hoping that when you think of me, you'll think of your mother, grandmother and sisters in the same thought. I don't need you, but if God is sending a blessing my way -- I'll more than gladly accept.
Unlike a piece of furniture found at Ikea, I am not waiting to be assembled by the strong hands of a man ready to complete a task. I appreciate your eagerness, but I am whole. Once broken, but placed back together with years of love, patience and gratitude. If you plan on breaking me apart, please don't waste your time.
A little rough around the edges, yet smooth. Sometimes hard headed, but who isn't? I'm learning and as my partner, we can learn together. They say, 'teamwork make the dreamwork' -- I hope you're as ready to score some points as I am. Whenever you read this letter, know that it is not in my timing. Rushing get's you nowhere, so please bare with me. I promise it will be worth it. I'm worth it. You're worth it. We are worth it.

1. I Tend To Fall Fast

Don't judge me. It's on of my many flaws, but if you're worth the fall -- will you be willing to catch me?

2. I'm A Firm Believer In Dating With A Purpose

We didn't meet by chance. As much as society loves to romanticize celebrities hopping from relationship to relationship, I'm all for dating with a bigger purpose at the end of the day. If we are dating, know that my end goal is marriage. The foundation of the relationship is not based on God, it won't last long. I hope that you can say the same.

3. I Won't Punish You For The Wrong Doing Of Those In My Past

I've been hurt before, who hasn't? This period of single-dom has allowed me to not only learn to love myself, but to learn to trust the process as well. Despite what I've gone through in the past, I refuse to punish you for the wrong doing of those who came before you.

4. We Are In This Together

As I mentioned before, we are a team. If you go through something, expect me to be there to go through it with you and vice versa.

5. Every Queen Needs A King

And vice versa. Is that you?

Ladies, I think this would be a fun challenge.

I would love to see what you would write in your letter. Tag me, if you do.
This is beautiful and well put. Myself personally I can't write a letter to my future guy because the man that I am with now is my future. I know, it's sound super mushy, which I tend not to be. However just thinking about writing to a future guy breaks my heart. Holy shit, I'm in love like a Harlequin novel!
thanks girl! I appreciate it and mushy is always better :) it's great to know that you know for a fact that you're with your future. that gives me hope. wish you two the best! @LAVONYORK
This one scares me for some reason @jordanhamilton I guess it's because I'm really going to have to think about it. That's why I need to do it.
You are very welcome! I bet it was well worth the wait! @LAVONYORK
You are very welcome! Take all the time you need. Journaling is great. It can be a very personal topic, so I definitely understand @EasternShell
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