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This is Not How Women's Legs Work
Porn, the media, and adveritsing has set some pretty unrealistic standards for women. And for women's legs. Loryn Brantz, artist and cartoonist from Buzzed illustrated cartoon depictions of how legs are sometimes perceived to move.
While, yes some women in the world are very flexible and that's awesome. The reality is, not all legs work this way. So take those expectations you have, and throw them out.

Some women are born more flexible than others, and for some this trick can require months of training and stretching.

We aren't all gymnasts or yoga instructors. We work in offices, clinics, and outside. It's not our job to be this flexible.

We don't spend our days practicing the "upside down tent-shape."

And we don't expect men to be this flexile either!

This is for everyone that expects women to be that flexible... Burger off!

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XD once upon a never...
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this cracked me up xD
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