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This scene from the Boruto Movie was so endearing. Naruto, who grew up an unloved orphan being able to teach something to his son and be there for him is beautiful to me.
It also reminded me of another touching Father-son moment in anime, also revolving around a lot of blue-colored energy.
The Father-Son Kamehameha, from the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z.
This was another awesome moment of Father-Son brilliance, where Gohan is nearly finished in his fight against Cell, and Goku is gone. The spirit of Goku combined with the last-ditch strength of Gohan culminates in this hugely powerful one-handed (or three handed?) kamehameha that finishes Cell.

Can you think of other awesome Parent-Child moments in anime?

Edward and Hohenheim at the end of FMAB
@ChristopherKenn I love the Tenchi series xD
That seen from boruto was pretty amazing! But what made the feels hit even more (not sure if it's true) but I'd say it's a direct reference to that naruto shipudden move : The Lost Tower. SPOILER AHEAD..(STOP NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED) . . . . . . . . When Naruto and his father did the Ultimate Supreme Rassengan at the ending! 8)
hunterxhunter gon and ging atop the world tree. dragon saving luffy from smoker in loguetown. and let's not forget naruto did a rasengan with his father in the movie. and its his grandfather but laxus and mackarov at the fantasia parade
I can think of Vegeta knocking trunks out so that he could sacrifice himself for earth as Majin Vegeta
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