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A disaster occurred this week. I had a massive panic attack, and then my ribbon broke.
A typewriter operates with the keys, and a ribbon laden with ink. One cannot work without the other.
I sat there, writing my letter to @jordanhamilton and then bam!
No ink. The page, bare, stuck in the middle of a sentence. I was furious.
So I went online and did some research. Low and behold, I found some reseller online who creates repurposed typewriter ribbons. So I ordered some.
I don't like making excuses, but The last few recipients will have to wait a bit longer for their letters. By God, with rush shipping, the ribbon should arrive by Saturday, and your letters by Monday.
You see, I didn't plan on putting as much effort into this as I have. I've written three and four drafts of each letter because for some reason, when I see those words on the page they mean so much more than I thought they would.
I care deeply about the requests you've put in. And I want the letters to turn out well. Creative, insightful, funny. You know?
I want it to be professional and meaningful.
So, with a little fear and loathing I have to extend my own deadline. Because life shouldn't be about getting things done. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

So here are the logistics:

* @PurpleChick your letter is done! Please reply to my message so I can send it to you!
* @EasternShell, @Patmanmeow @Jason41 you have all received your letters! I'd love an update via a card on Vingle if you feel like it's public enough to share, or just a few thoughts about how the letter made you feel in an abstract way. No pressure! Glad you all enjoyed them.
* @JordanHamilton @alywoah @RaquelArredondo @HarleyGeary @blacksplashed and @aristaJ your letters will arrive by the end of next week!

Round II of the Typewriter Project will start on April 1st! So all of my waiting list brethren, have no fear, your time will come.

In the mean time, make sure to follow The Typewriter Project collection Here. And if you're interested in writing your own letters, or reacting to some that have already been written, let me know!
As always, keep searching and I hope you guys have an incredible day.
Yes!!! I used to have one longgggggg ago! I always wonder what happened to them @EasternShell
Having a pen pal is fun @jordanhamilton. That was my teenage thing to do besides read.
hahaha! no I meant long lost as in I always wanted a pen pal. I can't wait!!!
@jordanhamilton not lost! Just waiting on a new ribbon! Hahahahah
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