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Apparently, today is International Day of Awesomeness. Which warrants a Awesome Day Playlist to celebrate of course!
These are a variety of songs that make me feel awesome and badass. I split each by genre so you can pick the ultimate for whatever type of music you like. I hope it makes your day just as awesome as you are ;)

Young Fathers - Typhoon

Genre: Indie
Kinda a sad beginning to this song, but the beat picks up. I promise you will be singing, "Young people get o-o-old every day" and whistling in the background. Because everyone knows that a song with whistling in the background is bound to be awesome.

King of the World - First Aid Kit

Genre: Folk
My friend introduced me to First Aid Kit a few years ago. She knew how much I loved folk music, but also female harmonies (singer problems). So obviously I love them. This is one of my favorites from their album in 2012, it's got awesomeness written all in it.

Beat It - Fall Out Boy

Genre: Rock
Let's face it Michael Jackson was awesome, and his music is STILL awesome. Well, this song is his but even more AWESOME (that's a lot of awesome... let me tell you!) Because it's a rock n' roll version. Featuring everyones favorite badass band, Fall Out Boy.

Keep Livin - Jean Grae

Genre: Hip-Hop
There are so many fabulous women rap/hip-hop artists out there. And Jean Grae is one awesome example. This song is an oldie, but a goodie. So if you like hip-hop, it's bound to make you feel awesome.

Cheerleader - Pentatonix

Genre: Pop/Vocal
You might probably know the original song from listening to the radio, but this version is probably my favorite. It's good knowing you have someone your side right? Well take on today feeling awesome knowing you have cheerleaders on your side :)

What song would you add to this playlist?

I follow: PTXVlogs, scotthoying & SUPERFRUIT :D @nicolejb superfruit is my fav.
@EasternShell hahah don't tell @TessStevens that (she'll steal your box :P) @Danse ME TOOO. honestly obsessed with them so much. do you watch any of their other Youtubes?? @patmanmeow thank you!! @annamolly and thank you for telling me about today :D
@EasternShell For an adult, we see the defined uses for an empty box...a place to store things, a shipping container, garbage to be taken out the next time we're so inclined. A child sees infinite possibilities in an empty box...a spaceship, a racecar, a fort, a secret hideaway, and so on. Fall Out Boy is similarly full of infinite possibilities, with their ever-evolving and expanding sound. Also, thank you @nicolejb! I love this playlist!
Great playlist!
@Danse It's like COME ON. best friends are meant to be together DUH
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