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I'm that friend that doesn't get mad if you don't talk to me for three months and then need my help the next day. I'm that friend that will listen to you and help you with your problems even though I'm dealing with problems of my own. I'm that friend that deals with depression, mood swings, anxiety, shyness, loneliness, and never breaths a word of it to anyone. Instead......I make you smile. I tell you all the things that I find wonderful in you, because they're all the things that I wish were wonderful about me. Instead....I make you laugh with my jokes, and show my fake sense of confidence that I hope will one day give you a real source of confidence. Instead.....I tell you how much you mean to me, because even though I might feel bad. My friends smiles are what get me through the day Thank you. For being my friend.
You sound pretty remarkable =)
I'm very similar to you and your friendship style. Though I try to reach out when I need help