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L.A. http://mmt.fans/xo Chicago http://mmt.fans/p/oGy Dallas http://mmt.fans/OI NYC http://mmt.fans/p/1PN Complete 7%+ To be added in your city 2) Click MAKE 3) Select Package (You can add your debit card later) You pay nothing til the concert is made 4) Complete daily missions to move on the next stage. 60 Days and 300 makes will move to Yellow Stage 5) Share Share Share! Let's bring them to the States for their concert and bring on the iKonics! Thanks :) #iKON #iKONinNY #IKONINNY #iKONinDallas #iKONinChicago #YG #iKONinLA
I would go to the concert if they cam but my mum said I can only pick three top groups I wanna see and ikon wasnt on the list but ill help bring them anyways for the rest of you guys.
We have updated the top 10 N.A Cities!
@kpopreimia3711 I just saw this card. what is the latest update thus far?