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Vingle is a place for freedom, a place to be who you truly are. It's a place to expose your fears and talk about the things you really care for. That's beautiful isn't it?

That's why one of my best Vingle pals @Patmanmeow and I have started what is now known as "The Gonzo Collective", which will function as a group of writers, thinkers, poets and barstool prophets who want to make their voices heard.
Are you a creative? Do you have unique and individual ideas?
Do you want to start a revolution, or just make sure that you are heard?
The Gonzo collective is for you!
Inspired by the work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, The Good Tess F. Stevens and Chancellor of Gonzo @Patmanmeow have decided to recruit some thinkers and feelers for our new collection "The New Gonzo" which is available by visiting @Patmanmeow's profile.
If you have any work on Vingle that fits one of these categories, we want to clip you!
-Personal Essays: About life, your struggle, your happiness, whatever!
-Political Skewering: Yes, commentary about what's happening in our insane times!
-Celebrity Skewering: See something wrong in society!? Let the world know!
-Poetry: About the world, or the day. Whatever.
-Creative Writing: Non-fiction is truth plus one right?

We got some interest on The Chancellor's card introducing our project, but we want to take it to the next level!


We would love to see a card from you:

5 sentences or less, explain what makes you a maniac, an individual! This will be your formal (or informal) entry into The Gonzo Collective! You will receive your Gonzo Title thereafter!

If you can, tag three of your friends, and let's make this movement splash all over Vingle!

Now go!

@InVinsybll perfect! The messier the better!
oooh nice. I'll try to have mine up later today! might be messed up.
Thank you thank you!!!!
Can you guys put links to your entries here!???? I want to include them in a new card! @shannonl5 @InVinsybll @Patmanmeow :)
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