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Yup, I strange when it comes to cheese. It's a consistency thing. I can not stand ricotta cheese for example. People say I'm strange but it gets worst.
I don't do gum. I don't chew it, I hate looking at it.. I just can't, same thing with jelly. Screw that noise!
I like the smell of just vacuumed carpet. I don't know what it is, but it's like the smell brings me to life lol.
I seriously sing and dance in the shower. To the point that sometimes the shower head slips out my hand and I hose down the bathroom Yes, I have slipped lol.
I love collecting pens! Yup, it's a thing.. And I do go nuts if someone takes one of my pens. Trust me, I know if you did. I will hunt you and take you out.
Are you strange? I wanna know! Create a card with 5 gifs, tag @danidee and leave it in the Funny Wtf community! Tagging some peeps @buddyesd @InPlainSight @shannonl5 @MichaelOgg @nobankai @MoisEsGaray
@Meeshell you my friend are amazing!! ::high five::
DOOD I loooooove to collect pens TOO!!! I had a mini-drama with my co-worker who wouldn't admit to stealing this bold sized blue pen from my desk last week HAHAHA XD!!! <3PENSSSSS<3
Do you like gel pens??
@danidee certain colors and they usually have to have this smooth feeling when I sign my name lol 😂 watch out!
Omg, hahahahaah.. what kind of pens do you collect? Like certain patterns or colors? I'm curious just in case I run into one of your stolen pens down the line, buhahaha.
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