... Brought to you by @danidee ... This game is too fun! Look how to play <here>

If I get startled, I will most likely hit you..

I absolutely can't stand to watch or hear people eating..

I have a slight fear of restaurant food..

I always stack my dishes in the cabinet so that they all get used evenly ... this is so no dish feels bad getting left behind :0)

Lastly, my favorite past time is to daydream about being magic!

What weirdness do you embrace?

(Credit to the wonderful creators of all the gifs and images above)
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i actually can't hear ppl eating too i just find it too funny! N coughing is the worst, when someone is constantly coughing i just laugh my abs out lol
Too good!
I always tell people not to make me go into haunted houses because I'll end up smacking the crap out of some poor soul in a zombie costume.
@danidee I'm right there with you girl!! :-D
I am glad we are the same lol.