... Brought to you by @danidee ... This game is too fun! Look how to play <here>

If I get startled, I will most likely hit you..

I absolutely can't stand to watch or hear people eating..

I have a slight fear of restaurant food..

I always stack my dishes in the cabinet so that they all get used evenly ... this is so no dish feels bad getting left behind :0)

Lastly, my favorite past time is to daydream about being magic!

What weirdness do you embrace?

(Credit to the wonderful creators of all the gifs and images above)
I always tell people not to make me go into haunted houses because I'll end up smacking the crap out of some poor soul in a zombie costume.
@danidee - Yes that's me all the way, and it's happened more than once that I've swung on someone who thought it'd be fun to "scare" me. Luckily, I've only connected once or twice :0)
I am glad we are the same lol.
@danidee I'm right there with you girl!! :-D
Too good!
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