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Morning sickness is real.

In light of #WomensHistoryMonth, let's celebrate the mothers who pushed for however many hours to bring you into this world. The women who held you close and talked to you for nine months straight before her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital. Women are powerful beings.
If you thought menstrual cramps were bad, just wait until you're pushing life out of you. Worth all pain, it's beautiful to know just our strength. With that being said, Disney Princesses are giving us childbirth tease in the hilariously realistic video below. Heres to being both strong and beautiful. Keep scrolling if you're a woman or you happen to know a woman who has endured the pain and beauty of childbirth.

Here's to strong women!

I salute you.
If I forgot anyone, please tag them below.
Totally nothing wrong with that! Lol @danidee
@jordanhamilton Lol, I'll just be rocking flip-flops the entire time.
It's too real lol too real @humairaa
I feel like that's going to totally be me! Lol just go bare foot the entire pregnancy haha @danidee
lol ariel trying to fit her boobs in the shells 馃槀
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