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Here is a quick slideshow of the first 60 Days of my body transformation for the 250k transformation challenge. I do daily progress videos on my YouTube channel so maybe I can motivate you to get off your ass and move! I love food more than anyone and I don't starve myself at all. I'm currently doing the aggressive fat loss program ( http://udskam.xyz ) by Kinobody and the results speak for themselves. I still have 24 days left in the challenge and then I'll have a new goal in mind. Thanks for viewing, Subscribe, Like and Share!
I am going to become a member of bb so i can do the challenges. @udskam
@marshalledgar bodybuilding.com always has this challenge every January and sometimes throughout the year.. Who else wouldn't want to win money and get in shape at the same time?!
@shannonl5 @alywoah thanks! I started doing videos just to keep myself accountable and anytime I want to pig out or not care, I just think about how stupid I'll look and feel when I show myself on camera. Like I always say, consistency is the only thing you need to make it happen! Thanks again.
@marshalledgar look at this
Woah insane progress! You've really leaned out
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