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The first episode of the new Hitman game drops tomorrow and the folks over at Eurogamer decided it'd be fun to explore all the ways to kill the guy you're supposed to kill in the Paris mission that's included in the first episode.
To be honest, I haven't watched the video below because I know I'm probably going to try this game out at some point and I don't want to run into any spoiler-ish territory. That being said, 32 different ways to kill a single target in the game is pretty intense.
I was worried that the game wouldn't be as open-ended as Blood Money or any of the previous games (not including Absolution) and it looks like I was sort of wrong. If there are that many options to complete the mission then there are probably (hopefully) a bunch of different things you can do on the way to completing the mission.
Again, I didn't watch the video but I still left it for you guys above. And maybe because I want some of you to watch the video for me and let me know in the comments if all the ways are cool or if they're just the same thing over and over again with different weapons.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to do this to you guys but like come on here. I don't like spoiling things for myself especially if I think I'm going to get into the thing that might be spoiled in the near future. Help me out here, guys. I swear, I'll do anything for you.


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Some of the way are pretty darn creative. Haha