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@TessStevens tagged me in this challenge, so here goes!

What makes me unique?

1. We've all got blood, right, and bones and skin and at least a few internal organs, but the commonalities end when we decide what to do with them.
2. Personally, I don't think 'unique' is a state of being so much as a perspective.
3. The elementary school classmate's parent who thought I was out of earshot when she said "that is one WEIRD kid".
4. I don't see anyone else bringing what I've got.
5. I thought what I'd do was write this old story about alienation and cynicism and full of ego and then I'd hide away in New Hampshire and go through these cycles of fervor and saviorism and disenchantment and instead of really dealing with what's bothering me I'll take it out on my family but then I remembered I'm not a man and this isn't the 50s and I can't do any of that and why the hell would I want to?

Yes that's Harry styles telling you it's your turn.

I'm tagging @buddyesd @ButterflyBlu and @MaighdlinS ^_^
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