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Choosing the best makeup remover for yourself is quite similar to choosing the perfect person for yourself -- sometimes it's rather hard to find. Having tried out a handful of makeup removers in my lifetime, I can definitely say that not all makeup removers are created equal.
While some work better than others, you wont know what works best for you unless you try. Micellar water happens to be the best option in my opinion, but can run you a pretty penny. That's when you put your thinking cap on and make your own. Because who doesn't love a great DIY, especially when it has to do with makeup? If you're interested in creating your own makeup remover, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Would you give this homemade makeup remover a try?

@TessStevens I know you've been looking for a great makeup remover. Ladies, what do you think?
I just use pure oils to remove my makeup when I don't grab my Mc water
I agree! super easy. I'm going to give it a try myself @EasternShell
nice.. sometimes I use Johnson &Johnson baby oil or olive oil to remove makeup
This looks like a good one. It's worth trying.
Oils are the best for everything skin related! @amobigbang