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An extremely long time ago I briefly wrote about a game called Catlateral Damage. And I'm pretty sure I hated the pun but I loved the idea. My terrible memory aside, there's something extremely interesting and innocent about playing a game as a cat that just ruins apartments as soon as the owner leaves.
Okay, maybe not innocent. But there's something really cute about it and now that I'm think about cats all I want to do is be a cat. But now that I think about that realistically, there's something really strange about wanting to be a cat.
When I was in high school, there was this girl in my graduating class, right? And she only wore sweatsuits, like all different colored sweatsuits. And when we'd have gym class you know, she'd change into tighter sweatsuits if that makes any sense. And would crawl around the gymnasium floor, purring and pawing at people like a weirdo. And when I finally got around to asking her why she did that every other day she told me she wanted to be a cat.
And listen, I'm not saying that feeling like being a cat is a weird or insane thing. It's fine you know. But don't take it to a point where you'll start crawling around the ground and meowing at people as they walk past you is fucking strange, man.
Either way. Thank goodness for Catlateral Damage because I do not want to get caught up in crawling all over hardwood floors and creeping out my classmates and not going to prom because people really think that I really think I'm a cat or something.
Catlateral Damage will be on PS4 on March 22nd!
Wait a second. I can be a cat? Where does one play this!?
@TessStevens I think the game is available for PC right now! But it won't be coming out for PS4 until later this month