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Where you unprepared for the OTP feels?

Most of the time, we can see it coming. The will-they-or-won't-they, the enemies to lovers, the OH MY GOD JUST KISS ALREADY... sometimes it feels like our ships are about as subtle as a freight train.

You can't outrun the feels my friend.

But... have you ever been totally surprised? Were you just sitting there, minding your own business while a stealthy ship was creeping up on you? Until one day...

We're here for you.

Let's commiserate over the ships we didn't know we were on board with. The ones we suddenly cannot live without. Where you at?
Always unprepared for OTP feels T_T
When THAT OTP happens and then you look back and you automatically think: why the hell was I not on board of that?
@kpowell haha and then the urge overtakes you and suddenly it's 2am and you're about to start reading a 100K-word fic?
OMG! This happens with every single ship, like something in the back of my head telling me to constantly need them together. 馃槀
@shannonl5 EXACTLY!