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Thank you @sosoaloraine23 for tagging me to do this challenge , it was super fun to make this card. And thank you @katiems for making this challenge!

1. Jae-Bum from GOT7!

I like someone who can be cute and sexy. Someone who gets a little fiesty, can dance and has a beautiful voice. That someone is JB! The 1st time I saw him in Dream High 2, I fell for him right away because he's my type. He's attractive, funny and talented.

2. J-Hope from BTS!

Jungkook was in a tie for my ultimate bias but know it's J-Hope. He crept into my heart after I saw how adorable he was. J-Hope stole my heart after I watched him on Weekly Idol and had to act. He spoke sweetly and made my heart flutters. I keep replaying that scene because it makes me squeal. I love guys in beanies and he always wears them. He's a great dancer and awesome rapper. He is so funny and the #1 thing I look for in a guy is humor because if you can't make me laugh, I can't be with you. He has such a cute smile and he's handsome.

@kpopandkimchi @JamiMilsap I challenge you to do this challenge!

@biancadanica98 - hahaha! After giving this some more thought, I realized the challenge is too big for me. I don't actually claim any biases, because I find different artists attractive on pretty much a daily basis - just however it strikes me that day - and they are ALL dear to my heart. (I iknow, I'm terrible...)
@JamiMilsap Good Luck!
Love your choices!. ..I'll have to think about this for awhile. . :-D
ahhh J-Hope is too much~ <3 JB too ^^