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A lot of people were hoping Spider-man would finally pop up in this new trailer, and he didn't disappoint!!! I have to give it to Disney and Marvel Studios for understanding how to market to their audiences. I seriously can't wait for this "war".
So let's talk Spider-Man! I'm a mega huge ultimate magnanimous Spider-Man fan!!! Growing up it was nothing but Spider-Man and Batman..... well, there were others, but Spidey and the Bats were the main two highlights of my childhood cartoons and comics. 1. What did you think of Spider-Man's Entrance? 2. How do you feel about his new suit? 3. And, do you think Tom Holland is going to do Spider-Man/Peter Parker justice? If not, who do you feel was the best Spider-Man? Including animated voice actors. Enjoy the new Trailer all! See you on the next post!!!
@SparkRIDE fair enough! It is amazing to see how far CGI has come.... like ten years ago this wouldn't have looked good at all XD though I am a bit worried since they had to add the character at the last minute
yeah me too. I do like Spidey's new outfit and the whole moving eye thing like Deadpool. But I just hope it doesn't look too CGI. The editors and artists who worked on Deadpool did an amazing job transitioning from CGI to live actor. I hope Marvel Studios can pull it off too.
@SparkRIDE haha I'm excited all over. That scene bewteen Bucky and Black Panther looks intense! I am deeply concerned haha
Rofl. i figured you'd be more excited about the new Trailer. XD
So it's hard to tell from one line, but it feels like they got Spidey's tone right. He was honestly the only lighthearted part of the trailer, everything else was doom and sadness.