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In your early years, you spend the majority of your days in school. As a result, teachers have a huge impact on your life.
While I have had a bunch of good teachers, I must admit I have also had a bunch of bad ones. While there are plenty of cringe-worthy stories, I could tell, none will shock you as much as the recent story I read about this teacher on the web recently.
The things he said to this young lady should NEVER be said to a student.
Shaniyah Hunter is a student at The Greene County High School. The junior tried to get some assistance from her teacher, but instead of help, Hunter received were demeaning insults. But the semi-good news here is that Hunter caught the incident on her school-issued iPad.
“You have to be the dumbest girl I’ve ever met in my life, and I have been around for 37 years. And clearly, you are the dumbest girl I have ever met,” Hunter taped the teacher telling her while recording a lesson.
And the insults get worst, with the teacher telling Hunter to aim for having babies because she was “never gon’ be smart.”
Should this guy have a job right now? I would never let him around my kid after hearing he said something like this.

He should absolutely be fired and his teaching license should be revoked.
this teacher need some lessons too.
Damn! That's messed up! He should totally be fired! No teacher should tell a student that he or she is dumb!! 😮 and by the way! I couldn't see anything wrong with the girls eye so what exactly is the problem?
@atmi perfectly said
That's a completely inappropriate thing to say to a student. He should absolutely be fired, because clearly he's more interested in bullying children than educating them
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