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In your early years, you spend the majority of your days in school. As a result, teachers have a huge impact on your life.
While I have had a bunch of good teachers, I must admit I have also had a bunch of bad ones. While there are plenty of cringe-worthy stories, I could tell, none will shock you as much as the recent story I read about this teacher on the web recently.
The things he said to this young lady should NEVER be said to a student.
Shaniyah Hunter is a student at The Greene County High School. The junior tried to get some assistance from her teacher, but instead of help, Hunter received were demeaning insults. But the semi-good news here is that Hunter caught the incident on her school-issued iPad.
“You have to be the dumbest girl I’ve ever met in my life, and I have been around for 37 years. And clearly, you are the dumbest girl I have ever met,” Hunter taped the teacher telling her while recording a lesson.
And the insults get worst, with the teacher telling Hunter to aim for having babies because she was “never gon’ be smart.”
Should this guy have a job right now? I would never let him around my kid after hearing he said something like this.

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Ma mamma always says, "Stupid is stupid does"
@Aripendragon the newscaster mentioned she had a disability that sometimes made it so she couldn't go to school. They didn't specify, but it could have to do with balance or light sensitivity- doesn't really matter what it is. Students with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations and under no circumstances should a teacher bully a student like that
Ahh I see okay understood @shannonI5
@anburose I agree, I can't believe he's walking free at the moment in this with a pass
@lindahart I agree, this is the type of guy they should make an example out of