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I'm an outsider by choice after being in with the crowd who kept me reclusive for so long I could no longer breath the same filthy air as them. For I had things to say, but couldn't form the words because I was afraid and still am today. The world itself is more insane than I am and I wish to gain some of that and put it all into the blender that is known as my head. And spew out my linguistic integrity among those who shut me out long ago and will do the same for others. That way I'll know I'm not the only one who is crazy enough to write, or talk controversially, or act as the reject when no one else wanted me. As Shakespeare once said, "We are all fucking peasants in the end" and may I add, but it's always the beginning of something strange that keeps us amused and moving ahead of everything else.
Here's thinking about you, guys.
For everyone else, go check out The Gonzo Collective on my profile for more Gonzo stuff and if you like it, feel free to join. We're always looking for inspirational writers.
Awesome! I love the addition of the quote at the end. We must always keep moving, even when it's difficult to stay that way.
This is great!