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While there aren't too many things I am scared of, I must admit, I don't like birds.
Never been the biggest fan of them. Pigeons especially. They are pretty nasty and fly low.. they make me uncomfortable at times.
Needless to say, I can't knock anyone for getting a bit shook when they go toe to toe with a bird the size of a human. I mean, it's not everyday you stumble across a 6 foot bird. Today I caught win of a battle between a giant ostrich and some cyclists.
While enjoying a ride through Cape Town, South Africa, cyclist Oleksiy Mishchenko managed to record a huge, aggressive ostrich vehemently pursuing his friends at speeds of over 30 mph.
Fortunately, the ostrich lost interest shortly before the road hit a dead end. Luckily, they were able to avoid the ostrich.
Can you imagine a thing like that was chasing you? I mean this big bird is COASTING too. He's moving over 30 miles per hour.
Isn't this pretty odd and somewhat scary to you?