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@MarrickeJ33 @lilbr0wneyes This moment made my day... i didnt wanted to cry,, but the emotions was there. thank you for coming over @xroyalreisx
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I'm so happy this visit was able to happen. I'd be right there visiting if I was even remotely close by. I'm sending my love instead. We are all here for you. Any time, day or night. You need us, you call, we come running. That's how it works. :)
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@lilbr0wneyes awww... you just did now. And every word u have given since yesterday. Thank you. you all definitely a strength to me.
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@MarrickeJ33 i really dont like crying... i feel like its a weakness to me. But yes i will Fight!!
2 years ago·Reply
@MarrickeJ33 True... just i still feel numb about all this ...
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