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@kpopandkimchi tagged me in her card and I will set up my island.
The muscle: Leeteuk. I can definitely imagine him doing the heavy lifting on the island due to his strong arms and back. Ugh! I get tunnel vision just looking at him shirtless! Mwah!
The brains: Kyuhyun. Yes, I did just recruit him! He is brilliant when it comes to mathematics, it's just rediculous to know how smart he is. I'm just amazed. He'd do fine on the island, and that's why I recruited him. He's smart and mischievous!
The secret weapon: Baekhyun! Not only is he cute, but he can be pretty fiesty when it comes to survival! Cutie pie!
Scaredy cat: Dongwoo! He gets so scared when his boss is around! But other than that, he's so cheerful and happy! It's so cute and adorable!
The Protector: Key Not only is he a divo but he cares about his members a lot! He was even worried about fellow member taemin dating his nuna during yunhanam back when they debuted. He would be a great addition to this group!
Co-Captain: Choi Siwon. Because, his body. He was built to be the one to take charge of the group when Leeteuk is not around! Like he could even make them work out on the island if need be.
@JohnEvans awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for this idea!!!!!!!
The first challenge starts today...I'll tag you and @annabelleimiri if she wants me 2.
@MaggieHolm I actually came up with the game so if you are confused just go to my card here:
The only hard part for me was just how to put it together. Then I saw another survival card and I used her set-up.
Making a line up is gonna be hard. But I accept it @maggieholm