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Hate Running? Do This Instead!

I understand -- running is not for everyone. Running isn't the only cardio out there. The list really is endless. But here a few ideas to get your body moving (just as intense or more intense than running!)

Be active. Do what you LOVE.

1 - Kickboxing

2 - Swimming

3 - Cycling

4 - Basketball

5 - Dancing

6 - Jump Rope

7 - Kettlebell Swings

8 - Hiking

9 - Rowing

10 - Inline Skating

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@TiffanyPerez yesss! It's such a perfect workout
a year ago·Reply
@alywoah i usually do my workout for an hr then swim for an hr
a year ago·Reply
@TiffanyPerez wow that's awesome! that's a good workout
a year ago·Reply
So just started working out with a friend every morning and in 5 days she lost 4 lbs!
a year ago·Reply
That's amazing!! Well, congratulations to her!@TiffanyPerez
a year ago·Reply