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I'm extremely excited for Mirror's Edge Catalyst and every time they put out a new video you can expect me to write about it. Instead of fluffing this card up with stuff that you probably don't care about (like my love life and how it's non-existent), I might as well just get right into the good stuff.
The Dev Diary posted above taught me one really interesting thing about the game that I didn't expect. Having played the first Mirror's Edge game, I figured that the game would be somewhat linear. With each mission being a different area of the city Faith lives in.
But instead, it looks like they've made it a complete open world with optional side quests and multiple paths to get to your objectives. It seems like they're both streamlining the experience while expanding it, if that makes any sense.
I'm really excited at how the full game turns out and I hope I get picked for the closed beta since I registered a while back.
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Ahh, this is so cool. Can't wait~