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Here I stand with a cold and unconscious head, thinking of the many ways this could have happened. The only thing I can remember is sitting in the plane next to Mark but then nothing, I just woke up in a room that was way too dark and empty for my liking. I don't know where I am or where Mark is but I know this was all planned out. I told my brother to set up a flight for Mark and I to leave, but.... no, he wouldn't do this to us....... he just can't..... he's my brother and I trust him. If I'm sure, I don't recall ever actually seeing any assistance on the plane, it was just me and Mark. I mean, was this all a trap or am I imagining things?. I'm losing my mind, it must be the pain causing all these crazy illusions, but that doesn't stop the fact that I'm in a dark, empty room tied to a pole and that I have tremendous headache. I remember something else: a guy in a black fancy suit brought us drinks and then left, he must've been a flight assistant..... but there weren't any flight assistants on the plane. HOLY SHIT!!!! "NO!!!!!!!" "Hush Jackie..... I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm here to talk that's all." "Where is he?, what did you do to Mark you fucking bastard!!!!" "I will suggest to calm down before things get ugly and for you to listen to me. Now, I'm not a man who likes to admit he's done wrong but I do want to say that I do feel bad about ruining your fun in Ulsan... before you even got there. You didn't follow my orders and now here you are, like the helpless and lonely "puppy" you are. My intentions were very cliché, I mean, I had to use your stupid brother to get on that plane." "He wouldn't do that" "Do you even know your brother?, guess not. Well let me help you: You see, 9 years ago while you were still a kid, your brother met that Issang Yun woman, he said he needed the extra cash to attract her and make her his. At first he tried to convice me by inverting his loyalty to me and work as my... well... "eyes". But I told him I would think about it. I called him a few days later and that's when he began to put his trust and loyalty to me. And god was he the best guy I had; he kept an eye on you and Mark for years, along with my whore wife and daughter. When he told me that you and my son were a thing... I didn't take that very well, I was disgusted. So I came up with the simpliest plan I had that wouldn't hurt anybody and that was telling you to get me a lawyer and move on with life... the both of us. But you didn't follow orders, so I took the harder way. One of mah boys called your brother, turns out he is a very well educated lawyer for an oaf, your father thought well in enrolling him in law school. But anyways, after days of trial I finally got what I wanted and I can finish what I started." "You're lying." "Seriously?, aish who cares, belive what you want I don't care... I don't have time to waste on your whining. I got somewhere to go..... (calling over to his guy) You! make sure he doesn't loosen up his ropes, oh and..... teach him a little lesson about why not to disobey me would ya." "Time is gold Jackie... time. is. gold"
you sound like you can make a serious killer drama I'm not shitting you like God damn I just felt like I was watching the whole thing
I'm enjoying this so much. please keep tagging me.
This is so good. I'm addicted
What a traitor! I don't know who to believe!