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It's rare to receive a physical letter from someone today, with the advent of email, texting, and messaging. A letter is one of those mystique objects from days past that has enough nostalgia you want to keep, and look at over and over again. My Vingle collaborator, and now officially a new chancellor for The Gonzo Collective, @TessStevens has sent me a letter as part of her Typewriter Project, and I can see the struggle, but also hard work into creating something new, that is in fact, quite an old tradition she has put in.
I asked her a hard question. A philosophical question, because I'm getting old living in a twenty three year old body whom no one likes (Song reference and kudos to you if you understand it), and I could've gone with a causal question like what's it like on the west coast, or favorite bands or movies, but I felt like that was too modest, but then after reading the entire letter a couple of times, I got this sinking feeling. I couldn't do anything else besides writing and my mind keeps me up at night with endless topics, wild imagination, and questions I don't have the answers to. And I was too hard and dramatic on myself as I spread all my fickle matter and thoughts like butter on burnt toast. We tend to think a lot and it makes us go into a different side of ourselves, away from our default settings, and document the moments that happen. You push yourself further and further until you get bloodied, and bruised, and it makes you want to say, "Let's do it again." I'm glad I got some time to actually join her project and it's worth checking out. It's like asking for an autograph, but even better.
Thank you Tess for sending me your letter. Also, we're looking for inspirational writers for our collection The Gonzo Collective, which is in my profile page. If like our work, feel free to follow the weird, and if you have something good for us to share, tag me or @TessStevens and we'll turn you into a weird pro.
Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, and the response on here. I"m really glad that you enjoyed this letter. You're getting more and more skilled in your writing each time you do it! Thank you for allowing me to write to you! It was an extremely fun experience! Project peep's check it out! @RaquelArredondo @PurpleChick @AristaJ @EasternShell @Blacksplashed @JordanHamilton @Alywoah @Jason41 @HarleyGeary
This just made me extremely excited!!!! It's so thoughtful and such an amazing idea.
@EasternShell Ah! I love M&M's hahah. My favorite candy! And yeah it is. Like hello! I'm a person hahhahahah
@TessStevens I tried to make something funny, but couldn't, mew.
I have to get to my card this weekend. You all already know I thought this was a great idea. It's nice to mix the real world with Vingle's protective bubble. It's like that M&Ms commercial. "They do exist."