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Stand up and cheer...

We live in the adult equivalent of Disney World. We are Bobcats. We adore our school. Bobcats are our best friends and meeting a new one is like finding a long lost family member. We party a lot and study hard. We enjoy living in the moment and experiencing all of the fun it is to be young. Stereotypes and partying titles do not define us. Local food is great and the atmosphere is better. There is a place for everyone at our university. We can show you a good time and still walk you home at night. We'll make you wish you went here. Most importantly, No matter where we go, Athens will always have our heart.

1. "Isn't that a party school?"

Yes, but we're so much more than that. But to start, here's the facts. Playboy Magazine recently named Ohio University as the number one party school of 2015. We frequently take the crown on lists created by BroBible. And in 2011, we were number one in the nation according to the Princeton Review. Everyone knows we're number one and there's no denying that Bobcats know how to have fun. Here's an article clip from Playboy on why we gained this very unique title:
"Sorry, Miami University, but OU’s year-round antics are hard to trump. Athens is home to one of the country’s largest Halloween block parties—a drunken fete so epic it attracts such sponsors as the infamous malt beverage Four Loko. Court Street, which connects the campus to Athens’s dining district, is a barhopper’s dream: The tiny half-mile stretch boasts 18 bars. And thanks to statewide decriminalization of marijuana possession, students frequently toke up at the appropriately named Bong Hill. The debauchery escalates further at #Fest, OU’s take on Electric Daisy Carnival, where students double-fist Solo cups while bouncing to the sounds of Diplo, Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar."
With every conservative adult questioning the legitimacy of our school comes amazing responses from our very academically driven student body. Ohio University is also home to the extremely prestigious E.W. Scripps School of Journalism bringing in the best journalism prospects from around the country (Matt Lauer went here, people). We have many esteemed students in multiple colleges within the university showing for a very well rounded student body. Alden Library is almost always crowded and we are a student population that will always have a voice (remember the bat protests?). It's easy to get distracted by the drunken weekends and the flashy parties that are very publicized. But OU is home to a wonderful student population who have brains. Do not deny the legitimacy of our degrees, thank you.

2. You're always secretly on a search for an Athens brick.

Everyone starts of his or her college career visiting The Ridges. Why? Because it's haunted...but also because there are a ton of Athens blocks there. An Athens block is a keepsake, I already have mine. It's an extremely risky operation to figure out how you're going to get it out of the ground, let alone without anyone catching you. College Green obviously used to have a ton of these special bricks but as more and more people took them, college green was repaved with normal bricks this past year. Many students have reported that if you're lucky, piles of Athens blocks are found laying around The Ridges after recent construction. But whatever you do, do not leave this university without getting a brick because after all, you're only a college student once.

3. You'll always 'hate' Miami because well, they're Miami.

We hate Miami because we hate Miami. They're super preppy, we're laid back. They are extremely Greek-oriented, we are the home of the GDI's. They wear boat shoes to every function, we prefer sneakers. But in reality, Ohio University and Miami University Oxford look very similar if comparing the aesthetic of each campus. We have a similar street of bars. And we both love living our college experiences in Ohio. However, there has always been a rivalry. Over the years it has become less and less prominent probably because Miami is too pretentious to acknowledge us and OU can't hear Miami complain about us over the music at our epic college parties. Hehe...even I have some bitter feelings towards their university. It's an ingrained culture despite both being great universities. (OU is still better).

4. Successfully taking selfies with the iconic horse cops.

When you tell people from other schools that police arrive on horses, they'll give you a very strange look. OU is home to a very hilarious set of police that trot their way into the front yards of the most populated parties. But the thing is, they are more of a sight to see as everyone is completely fascinated by the concept. While walking home from the party that was shut down, you'll be amazed by how many students are seen attempting to pet the horses or take selfies with them. I feel as though it's a right of passage and for some to overcome their fears of cops and horses...AT THE SAME TIME. But remain cautious, DO NOT touch the horse unless you ask. Otherwise you'll get a really nice pair of handcuffs attached to your wrists and that's when you get to see a police CAR. I know, weird.

5. The century-old debate: Is HallOUween or Fest Season better?

This is toughest decision you'll ever face as a Bobcat. It's really difficult because though they involve similar aspects, they are drastically different experiences. HallOUween cripples town -- Athens is filled with out-of-towners except everyone is dressed in costume. Court Street is the best place during HallOUween to go people watch while also raving at the street concerts. Undeniably, HallOUween is extremely fun because people plan months in advance for costume ideas. There is no such thing as crappy costumes when you walk the streets, Bobcats take full pride in their holiday festivities.
For Fest Season, there is a different fest on a different street every single weekend. From Mill to MillIron to Palmer to Palmer Place to High to Number fest, there is no doubt that you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors with thousands of your closest friends. For fest, you trade in your HallOUween costumes for fanny packs, OU gear, backwards baseball caps, and plenty of jerseys. The goal is to wear bizarre clothing because fest is the best. As to which is better...that's completely at your discretion.

6. It's "OU, OH YEAH", not "OH-IO".

We are not OSU. We are not buckeyes. We are not scarlet and gray. WE ARE OHIO UNIVERSITY. No matter where you go in the world, you'll always hear people mistake OU for OSU. So when that random tourist on vacation screams, "OH!" just smile and nod with a gracious "IO!" Bobcats are a class act and although we will correct someone's common mistake, we can at least acknowledge their attempt at being friendly.
On the other hand, there is nothing that compares to an entire Bobcat stadium screaming "OU OH YEAH" back and forth between the home and away side. We love our school. You should too. Because again, OU OH YEAH!!!

7. Football games are meant to be left at half time (after the Marching 110 of course).

Sports? What are those? Bobcats may have interest in them but they make an extremely small impact within our university. While your friends at other schools are always up to date on the university's biggest athlete, OU kids view athletes just like everyone else here in Athens. We will always appreciate a good team win and we love to see our athletics do well but it's not a top priority. However, when it comes to our band, that's an entirely different story. Our band is the "best damn band in the land" for a reason and that's exactly why we were ranked as the number one university band this year BEATING OSU. From the hilarious dance moves to the epic pop music remixes, the Marching 110 does it all. We don't need fancy formations or flashy music. We're fun, we're authentic, and we're so talented. But as soon as the band is done, we all leave. It's tradition and we can only stay away from our active social lives for so long.

8. Mom's Weekend is arguably the best weekend.

I really considered writing a paragraph about this but some things are better left unsaid. And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

9. Everyone thinks their green is the best green.

I may be biased but "West is the Best!" It's the prettiest green, the most collegiate, and I'll always think it lays in the best location. However if you ask someone from South and East Green, you'll get an entirely different opinion. Everyone can safely agree that Dirty South is the worst location on campus and having no air-conditioning doesn't make it any better. The 'Front Four' has South beach and Nelson. East Green has Shively and a centralized location at the bottom of Morton and Jeff. West Green has the newly renovated Boyd Market and is closest to the Convo. And if you're really lucky, you'll land one of the new dorms which is more South West on campus which are directly next to Ping. No matter where you move on campus, your first green will always be considered home and you'll come up with a million reasons as to why your green is superior.

10. We live in a drunk food paradise.

Big Mamas. DP Dough. Union Street Diner. Court Street Diner. Wings Over. Pigskin Wings. Wendy's. Buffalo Wild Wings. Chicken and Waffle. Goodfellas pizza. Dominos. Ginger. Bagel Street. Chipotle. Courtside Pizza. O'Betty's french fries. Slovakis.
And the list goes on...
Oh...and there isn't a day that goes by where you can't buy a $1 grilled cheese on the side of the street.

Once a Bobcat, Always a Bobcat.

@Danse Cinci is cool. I'M A BOBCAT TOO. I loved my time at Ohio U. Seirously though, was out of my mind for a little while there but definitely got a lot out of it. I'm going to share this with my fellow bobcats :) Great work, and I can see that you're really taken by Harvard on the Hocking too!
lol Huzahh for Ohio. (Though I'm from Cincy, ahem.. :P )