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Here's how this goes: 1) Create a card with Why I'm Weird In 5 Gifs in the title. 2) Tell us your 5 biggest quirks/strange facts about you with gifs. (Or if your phone can't do gifs, funny pictures work just fine too!) 3) Tag 5 or so friends to do the challenge next! Today's topic: WHY WE'RE WEIRD! This'll be super duper fun!!!! Whooo!!! The people I'm tagging are: @InVinsybll @Buddyesd @Danse @poojas @alywoah @arnelli Note: If you want to help get this started, and you're not on my tag list, feel free to do this challenge anyway! YOLO and all that stuff! Courtesy to danidee for tagging me in her card! (also, I copied and pasted the directions off her card and onto mine so THANKS DANIDEE!!!!!) NOW, let's get this weirdness party started, baby! ;)
I like mud. I love playing in it, going barefoot in it, rolling around in it, ( jk, sorta) There's just something about the simplicity and uniqueness of mud :)
I go up the stairs on all fours. Don't know why. It's probably a habbits from when I was a kid but thank goodness I don't do it in public anymore... (lol, jk)
When eating colorful candies, I always seperated them by colors, then eat them according to amount: big to small.
I love buying stuff online. Especially stuff I don't need. I'm a self-proclaimed Kawaii Hoarder ;)
Pink!!!!! I LOVE the color pink!!! 98% of the stuff I buy is PINK. I don't know what it is about that color. Especially since I hated it as a kid. Piiiiinnnnkkkkkkuuuuu-deeeeessssss!!! (pink) (pink)
So, there have it. (pink) 5 weird quirks about yours truly. I hope you enjoyed reading about moi (pink) And I can't wait to read what you guys put :) (pink)
I buy cute stuff online too and I love making mud pies when I was small
LOL I also do the all-fours stairs thing. But I do it mostly because I stayed in this really old house for a while and to get up to the third floor (Yes, third) you had to duck or you'd crack your skull on the small overhang about midway up. xD And I totally get the Mud thing. I played volleyball for a long time and there was this park that had a court that was basically all mud when it rained. (No, not sand, this place was cheapo) ...I LOVED mud when it rained. Messy messy fun. ^_^