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I'm no special snowflake, and I'm not tryna be. When the suicide didn't take, I figured living with abandon would be more fun. I only want to make the time I get matter long enough to get a good few chuckles in. My life is a joke, and I want there to be a sucker punchline. Life's a monumental shitshow; either be the ringleader or a freak.
I wrote those five shitty lines on a train bound for San Francisco. It comes as response to @TessStevens prompt to describe our mania in 5 sentences or less. I don't know if it's an attempt at benign poetry or an accurate assessment of myself. Probably falls somewhere in the middle, in the space between talent and effort. I have none of the former and don't contribute much of the latter. All I know is that it's raining and I got off at the wrong stop. Eternal joke.
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Gonzo = freedom, and I think you put the nail on the head! I hope wherever you are in SF is a blast! XX