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I'll be honest, I didn't know two of these amazing women, and had to look them up after seeing this!
Why did I never learn about these women in history books?
I'd fully support that xD Its only fair right?
All these things I didn't know!! @shannonl5!! that's so upsetting. I hope more of this comes out through the years, that as a kid we can learn about these women.
A lot of women had credit for their work stolen from them, or they had to work under a pseudonym. Artemisa Gentileschi's work was attributed to her father for many years. Cecilia Payne discovered what the sun was made of, was denied publication because of her gender, and then Henry Norris Russel republished it under his name. Similar thing happened to Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered the first pulsar. Lise Meitner co-discovered nuclear fusion, and her male colleagues refused to name her AND went on to win the Nobel prize. It's not an accident these women don't end up in the history books.