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Family Feud isn't the rated G show it was 20 years ago, but it may be more entertaining than it has ever been.
The producers ask more risky questions via the surveys, which result in more questionable answers. Today, we saw Steve and a host of contestants battle with finding a way to not say penis on national television.
Contestants were asked the very reasonable question from 100 single women: “Name something you’d hate to see fall out of your date’s underwear?
Tasha, the young woman tasked with presenting an answer, replied to Steve, “My grandma’s in the audience, but… a fake member?”
Next up was Tasha’s brother, who answered, “Well, she said the fake one, I guess, uhh… you wouldn’t want the real one just falling out, either.”
Obviously, neither answer was on the board. With that being said, you have to applaud their effort as they managed to work around saying the word penis out of respect for their grandmother.
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Gotta respect the grand moms! Lol