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Due to the emergence of platforms like Netflix and Hulu, binge watching television series have become a new trend.
While many see those platforms as harmless forms of entertainment, a new bit of research shows that binge-watching television shows could lead to depression.
The study from a team at the University of Toledo, is that the binge-watchers in the study, roughly a third of the participants reported higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than non-binge-watchers. It concludes:
"Literature shows that TV viewing (especially screen time) is associated with poor mental and physical health outcomes. With the advent of novel media for viewing television, “binge-watching” is a growing public health concern that needs to be addressed."
While this news is a bit troubling, I also see it as flawed. Wouldn't people who are stressed out and looking to get away from people naturally flow to something like watching television for hours alone?
Am I wrong on my thought process? Personally I don't think that it's binge-watching that's making people depressed.

@JamiMilsap yeah that's a good point. The correlation might be indicating it's the other way around. Especially since one of the major symptoms of depression is staying in
I totally agree with you - I think it is the other way around too - that people who are stressed out, depressed, or just tired may be more likely to binge watch television as a means of escape or relaxation. I think there are plenty of happy people who binge watch a series too!
I'm a happy person and I binge watch all the time. Just just get sucked in to a good show.