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@danidee created an awesome challenge allowing us to express our true selves, or you know... tell the Vingle world maybe a little too much about ourselves.

Here's the RULEZ

1) Create a card with Why I'm Weird In 5 Gifs in the title. 2) Tell us your 5 biggest quirks/strange facts about you with gifs. (Or if your phone can't do gifs, funny pictures work just fine too!) 3) Take around 5 friends to do the challenge next!

I think my life should be a musical

You know how people go through their day making mental notes of what they should do? I make mental notes of what musical song best fits the scene right now. And if I don't have a song to fit the day, I like to make it up! You'd be surprised how many songs I have about going to the bathroom.

I like doing things by myself

Turns out I'm an extrovert, but here's my real secret-- I love doing things on my own. Going to movie and restaurants by myself is one of my favorite things to do! Even just spending a whole weekend exploring somewhere new by myself!

I have incredibly stretchy lips.

You know in middle school when everyone was going through that phase of showing off double-jointed body parts or flipping their eyelids, etc? While most kids were showing they could pull their fingers back really far, I was showing off my stretchy lips. I can do the (pictured above) trick, along with a few other stretchy lips things--- think: circus performer status.

I listen to the same song every morning.

Before I start work, I always listen to the same song. The song is called Seize the Day from the Newsies, so obviously it's a perfect morning song. Did I mention I love musicals?

I randomly get 1 hiccup

Every day, randomly I get hiccups. The weird part-- I only get one. It's the weirdest thing, and it does sometimes come back later in the day, but it's alway only 1. I'm weird.
Thanks @Danse and @JamiMilsap for tagging me to do this! Your turn--- @ChriSingularis @Arellano1052 @momattheword @1FallenAngel @arnelli :D
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Omg, I need your bravery. I always want to eat at restaurants by myself, but I'm too shy!
2 years ago·Reply
I love that your life is a musical!! I would say I'd love to hear your bathroom songs, but maybe that would be too much - do you have any good eating songs? :0)
2 years ago·Reply
@Danse Same! I think it's just the fact that knowing you can do it alone that makes it a little thrilling. I'd rather be with people, but hey! why not! @JamiMilsap Well I have a song for coffee-- it's called Taylor the Latte Boy. Then I have a song for food. It's called Eating Myself Alive from an off-broadway show! but other than that I make my own songs up, depending on the food
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb .. It's the ones you write yourself that I think would be the most entertaining!! Much respect to you my friend!
2 years ago·Reply
Love this!
2 years ago·Reply