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We can't feel confident in ourselves 100% of the time.

We all have insecurities and some of them can be pretty funny!

Some celeb insecurities:

- Kim Kardashian has a really hairy forehead. She got it laser treated and would get it photoshopped away before that.
- Megan Fox really hates her thumbs.
- Vince Vaughn thinks one of his thumbs looks like a penis. (What's with all the thumb hate?)

My own!

- I was alway the chubby in elementary and middle school so even now that I'm a very healthy weight, I don't like sitting on people's laps or having people pick me up. I still feel like the heavy girl (and that's something I don't think I'll ever shake)
- I always think my face isn't very recognizable so even when I'm going to meet my friends who I've known for YEARS, I think that if my hair is covered (by a hood or even just by lack of light haha) I think they won't see me! I know its ridiculous but I still think that!!!
(There are more but I'm sure you don't want to read them all haha!)

Do any of you have some insecurities you want to share?

I don't like eating around other people. xD I'm one of those people that hates hearing other people chomp down their food. But WORSE, I hate knowing other people can hear me do it as well. This makes for a HUGE double problem. T__T lol I laugh at this a lot, but it really does suck. You can't imagine constantly getting knots in your stomach from the stress of just having to eat with people. >___> Embarrassing as hell. (What's worse is I'm a HUGE Foodie. I live for Food. I talk about Food constantly. GRAH.) @sophiamor
@KellyOConnor @sophiamor @danidee @jordanhamilton I try not to be insecure about physical things, but I'm insecure about my crooked nose, my thin lips and awkward smile, and my arms. And people admire my complexion, but I'm definitely insecure about the eczema all over my face.
@BluBear07 That's exactly why I've taught my daughter NOT to make assumptions about someone based on their affect facial expression/non expression they aren't reliable. I know alot of guys too that are big teddy bears but people are afraid to approach them!!!
I've got "bitch face". People get easily intimidated by me because of it but I'm the nicest person ever! I try to think happy thoughts so my face doesn't rest on angry mode lol.
I've read and written all my life and sharing any part of that side of me is like giving bits of me away.
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