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Hey there! My name is Carina! I'm 22 years old! Even though I'm as old as I am, my parents won't let me go by myself. It's complete rubbish if you ask me, but anyways! I live in Portland, Texas so is anyone around me planning on going? Or someone on my way there! I'll drive! We could also get tickets together and share a hotel room! I'm planning on getting pit if possible, but if you're planning on somewhere cheaper that doesn't mean we can't still drive there and stuff! I'd love a new group of IGot7 to fangirl with! :)
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@AnnaRodriuezm No information is out yet. SubK said they'll release info later, but tickets will be sold in about a month. Since the concert is at Verizon Theater, the tickets will most likely be sold on AXS. :)
where are the tickets??
lol you too馃憤
You make me feel old! haha. I hope y'all have a good time! :D
I live in Corpus and Im going with my mom and might take my friend with me :) But I'm 16馃槄